3-7-2012 Marching Into March

There’s nothing quite like a march to invigorate the human spirit and get your toes tapping. This week, we go on-parade and celebrate some of cinema’s best-loved marches! Who could forget Hans Zimmer’s valiant and courageous theme from BACKDRAFT, or the quiet dignity of John Addison’s overture to A BRIDGE TOO FAR? Step right up (or in line, rather) as we march into the marvelous month of March!

Celebrate the music from the movies live every Wednesday from 2-4pm Eastern on WXOU The Grizz 88.3 FM Auburn Hills Michigan.

1.) The Fighting 17th from BACKDRAFT

Music by Hans Zimmer

2.) Main title from AIR FORCE ONE

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

3.) Overture from A BRIDGE TOO FAR

Music by John Addison


Music by John Williams, Performed by TheLondon Symphony Orchestra

5.) King Kong March from KING KONG

Music by Max Steiner, conducted by William J. Stromberg, orchestrated and re-constructed by John Morgan.  Performed by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra

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