3-21-2012 Composer Tribute: Henry Mancini

Very few film composers have garnered the respect and appreciation of both filmmakers and the movie-going public the way Henry Mancini did for over 30 years.  Winner of four Oscars and the recipient of 20 Grammy Awards, Mancini penned some of Hollywood’s most famous tunes, including “Moon River” and the theme from “The Pink Panther.”  Concert audiences were delighted with his 600 performances featuring major symphony orchestras – not only across the United States, but around the world.  A personal friend of Audrey Hepburn and one of the first to sprinkle jazz into film scores, Mancini left a rich musical legacy that will never be forgotten.
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1.) Theme from PETER GUNN

Music by Henry Mancini

2.) Theme from A SHOT IN THE DARK

Music by Henry Mancini

3.) Theme from BRIAN’S SONG

Music by Henry Mancini

4.) “Arctic Whale Hunt” from THE WHITE DAWN

Music by Henry Mancini


Music by Henry Mancini

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