3-28-2012 Celebrating Tubular Tunes from the 80’s

It was a time of hoop earrings, New Coke, and big hair.  Reagan was in the White House, the Cold War was raging, and yet, no one seemed to mind.  Cinema Serenade celebrates some of the best-loved film music of the 1980’s!  Be sure to check out Bruce Broughton’s now out-of-print score for SILVERADO, and Harold Faultermeyer’s catchy tune from the movie that made Eddie Murphy a star.  So roll up your jeans, throw on an over-sized neon-colored top and check out these tunes!

Celebrate the music from the movies live every Wednesday from 2-4pm Eastern on WXOU The Grizz 88.3 FM Auburn Hills Michigan.

1.) Theme from BEVERLY HILLS COP

Music by Harold Faltermeyer


 Music by Duran Duran and John Barry

3.) Theme from GREMLINS

 Music by Jerry Goldsmith

4.) Theme from SILVERADO

 Music by Bruce Broughton

5.) “The Fratelli Chase” from THE GOONIES

Music by Dave Grusin


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