4-11-2012 Epics!

This week, we explore music from films so large, the theatre screen can barely contain them.  Lavish budgets, star-studded casts, and extraordinary sets have made the Hollywood epic a main-stay for movie-going audiences for decades. Revisit Elmer Bernstein’s music for THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – a score that maintains every bit of the spectacle, grandeur, and pageantry as the film it was written for.  Howard Shore’s music for THE LORD OF THE RINGS is an instant classic, as is Max Steiner’s iconic theme from GONE WITH THE WIND. Join in Cinema Serenade’s celebration of EPIC films, and take a listen to music that’s just as big as the films themselves!

1.) Tara’s Theme from GONE WITH THE WIND

Music by Max Steiner


Music by Elmer Bernstein

3.) “Parade of the Charioteers” from BEN HUR

Music by Miklos Rozsa

4.) The Land Race from FAR AND AWAY

Music by John Williams

5.) Suite from THE LORD OF THE RINGS

Music by Howard Shore

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