4-18-2012 Laughs! Camera! ACTION!

Music from Bowfinger not featured in this episode.

Haven’t exercised your funny bone in a while?  Take a listen to some of these classic pieces of film music you’re sure to get a rise out of!  Delight yourself in the sardonic wit of Spinal Tap, or the lunacy of Elmer Bernstein’s nagging score for AIRPLANE!.  Top it off with a bit of charm and class from the always reliable Alan Silvestri and his theme for the Steve Martin comedy, FATHER OF THE BRIDE.  Its all here, waiting for you, as Cinema Serenade salutes comedies!

1.) Suite from AIRPLANE!

Music by Elmer Bernstein

2.) “Give Me Some Money” from THIS IS SPINAL TAP

Music and lyrics by Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, and Michael McKean

3.) March from “1941”

Music by John Williams


Music by John Morris

5.) Main Title from FATHER OF THE BRIDE

Music by Alan Silvestri


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