4-25-2012 Universal at 100

On April 30th, Universal Studios will celebrate 100 years of delighting film-going audiences around the world.  Cinema Serenade celebrates the studio’s centennial with music from some of its best-known films.  The proverbial “little engine that could” of Hollywood, Universal was founded by Wisconsin native Carl Laemmle in 1912, and churned out mostly B westerns and serials produced on the studio lot of their 230 acre estate.  Some of Hollywood’s most prestigious and profitable films would follow, including TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and JAWS. It was the studio that brought you BACK TO THE FUTURE, JURASSIC PARK, THE STING, and GLADIATOR.  It was home to Alfred Hitchcock for the last twenty years of his career, and it financed the film that won Steven Spielberg his first Academy Award; SCHINDLER’S LIST.  Universal is the first studio to make it to 100, and here’s hoping for 100 more.


Music by Elmer Bernstein

2.) Main Title from SPARTACUS

Music by Alex North

3.) Main Title from JAWS

Music by John Williams

4.) Theme from JURASSIC PARK

Music by John Williams 

5.) “Flying theme” from E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial

Music by John Williams

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