5-2-2012 It’s a Bird….It’s a Plane….It’s the Music of Super Heroes!

In December of 1978, SUPERMAN soared onto theatre screens and into box office record books, making Hollywood aware of the outstanding potential for profits gleamed from comic book adaptations and its corresponding merchandise.  The Man of Steel wouldn’t have soared so high, however, without the accompanying music of John Williams.  Composer Patrick Doyle put the weight in Thor’s mighty hammer, and Danny Elfman breathed life into the square-jawed crimestopper, DICK TRACY.  Let us not forget the dynamic duo of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, brought us music for a DARK KNIGHT. Cinema Serenade celebrates the best film music pulp fiction has to offer!

1.) Main Title from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE

Music by John Williams, performed by THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

2.) Main theme from DICK TRACY

Music by Danny Elfman

3.) “Thor Kills The Destroyer” from THOR

Music by Patrick Doyle

4.) The Dark Knight Theme

Music by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

5.) Main title from SUPERGIRL

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

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