5-16-2012 The Family Business: A Look at the Newman Dynasty

In 1940, Alfred Newman began writing film music exclusively for Twentieth Century Fox, and authored one of the most iconic fanfares in cinema history.  Providing the music for over 200 films, Alfred died shortly after writing the music for 1970’s AIRPORT.  His nephew, Randy, rose to prominence in the pop world during the 70’s, and entered the arena of film composing with an outstanding score for THE NATURAL in 1984.  Alfred’s sons, Thomas and David, would prove to me naturals themselves, following in their father’s footsteps by adding emotional depth and poignancy to movies like THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and ROAD TO PERDITION.  Here are just a few of the Newman family’s remarkable achievements!

1.) Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (with Cinemascope Extension)

Music by Alfred Newman

2.) Main title from HOW THE WEST WAS WON

Music by Alfred Newman

3.) “Once Upon a December” from ANASTASIA

Music by Stephen Flaherty, Score composed by David Newman

4.) “The Wammer Strike’s Out” from THE NATURAL

Music by Randy Newman

5.) “Meet Maguire” from ROAD TO PERDITION

Music by Thomas Newman

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