5-30-2012 Awaken the Child Inside You

This week, Cinema Serenade celebrates the stories children hear while sitting atop their parents’ knees.  While its easy for adults to dismiss literature geared towards young ones, Hollywood has always understood the potential box office draw these types of books have had over the years; Warner Bros. swept up the rights to produce HARRY POTTER in the late 90’s, and countless versions of BLACK BEAUTY have been committed to the silver screen.  Veteran film composers like Danny Elfman and John Williams have lent their talents to youngsters fiction several times, while John Powell exhibits the training he received from Hans Zimmer with his score for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.  Awaken your inner-child with music from films based upon children’s stories!

1.) Main Title from NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM

Music by Alan Silvestri

2.) “All of Terabithia” from THE BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA

Music by Aaron Zigman


Music by John Williams

4.) “Dragon Training” from HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

Music by John Powell

5.) Theme from BLACK BEAUTY

Music by Danny Elfman

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