6-27-2012 The Sound of Americana

It is the music that accompanies horse hoofs and cacti, gun-slingers and damsels in distress. It paints a picture so vivid in our minds that we can actually see the gorgeous landscapes and seemingly un-ending vistas. For years, the conventions of the Hollywood Western have been recycled and re-worked into various genres, including musicals, science fiction, and even animation. Cinema Serenade explores some of these innovations (and mis-fires), but the true essence of the Western lies in some of its earliest and most un-adulterated offerings. The score for STAGECOACH is as American as apple pie, while Ennio Morricone’s score for THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY set a trend in Western film scoring which can still be heard today in Harry Gregson-Williams’ music for COWBOYS AND ALIENS. Take a listen to what film music fans insist is the greatest Western film score ever written by sampling Jerome Moross’s score for THE BIG COUNTRY. Saddle up, pilgrim! Cinema Serenade salutes Westerns!

1.) Main Title from STAGECOACH Music by Gerard Carbonara

2.) Suite from THE WILD ROVERS

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

3.) “Jake Lonergan” from COWBOYS AND ALIENS

Music by Harry Gregson-Williams

4.) “Jake Lonergan” from COWBOYS AND ALIENS

Music by Harry Gregson-Williams

5.) Main Title from THE BIG COUNTRY

Music by Jerome Moross

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