7-11-2012 Honing in on Horner

Fifteen years and 30 million dollars later, James Horner remains one of the most handsomely rewarded film composers of his era.  Long before he provided the music for the two most successful Hollywood films of all time, TITANIC (for which he received 1.2 dollars for every album sold) and AVATAR, James Horner was a working stiff churning out music for Roger Corman’s ultra low-budget schlock factory, New World Pictures.  With two Academy Awards to his name, and valuable associations with some of Tinseltown’s most lucrative filmmakers, Horner’s B grade days are far behind him.  Alternating between independent art-house fare and big budget blockbusters like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Horner’s career is rich with melody and dramatic orchestration.  He’s blasted off into space on more than one occasion, most notably with his music for APOLLO 13, and has even managed to sneak in a war film or two with GLORY and ENEMY AT THE GATES. Fans continue to appreciate his work for fantasy-based films, with KRULL and THE ROCKETEER among their very favorites.  Cinema Serenade salutes the prolific and varied career of James Horner!

1.) “Becoming Spider-man” from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Music by James Horner

2.) “Main Title and Taking Flight” from THE ROCKETEER

Music by James Horner

3.) “Main Title” from APOLLO 13

Music by James Horner

4.) Theme from GLORY

Music by James Horner, featuring the Harlem Boys Choir

5.) “Ride of the Firemares” from KRULL

Music by James Horner

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