7-25-2012 Music for a Dark Knight

His name instills fear in his adversaries, and thrills in the audience members who have paid to see him on the big screen for over twenty years.  Gotham City’s avenger is back after a four-year hiatus, and Cinema Serenade celebrates his return by featuring some of the greatest music ever written for a pulp fiction hero.  Aided by more than what was in his utility belt, Bob Kane’s bad boy orphan has defeated a rogues gallery of super villains whilst accompanied by the music of Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, Hans Zimmer, and James Newton Howard.  Elfman’s efforts best personified the character of Bruce Wayne – a man with many secrets –  and the dynamic heroism of his alter ego, the Caped Crusader.  Goldenthal picked up where he left off, composing a score that was much more worthy than the films they accompanied.  Zimmer and Newton Howard knew how to pack a musical punch for director Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT, especially in the absence of campy 1960s’ word bubbles. So charge your Bat mobile, dust off your grappling gun, and throw on a pair of Bat headphones!  Holy AMAZING film music, Batman!

1.) “Descent Into Mystery” from BATMAN

Music by Danny Elfman

2.) “Batman Theme Reprise” from BATMAN

Music by Danny Elfman

3.) “Main Title and Fanfare” from BATMAN FOREVER

Music by Elliot Goldenthal

4.) “Main Title” from BATMAN

Music by Danny Elfman

5.) “Molossos” from BATMAN BEGINS

Music by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard 

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