9-19-2012 A Tribute to James Newton Howard

From Elton John keyboardist to A-list Hollywood film composer, James Newton Howard has provided well over 100 scores for directors like Lawrence Kasdan, M. Night Shyamalan, and Christopher Nolan. Nominated eight times but still no Oscar to call his own, Howard began writing music for movies in 1985; his blending of synthesizer and symphony orchestra echos the style of one of his heroes, Jerry Goldsmith, and is used prominently in some of his most famous scores including THE DARK KNIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES.  Although present at all recording sessions, Howard prefers the control room to the podium; he rarely conducts his own scores.  His association with Walt Disney Studios had yielded some of his most melodic scores, like DINOSAUR and TREASURE PLANET, and the charm, wit, and warmth found in his music for DAVE was one of the best scores of the early 90’s.  At a rate of 3 or more films a year, Newton Howard remains one of Hollywood’s most prolific modern-day film composers, and listeners around the world continue to benefit from his immeasurable talents.

1.) “Twelve Years Later” from TREASURE PLANET

Music by James Newton Howard

2.) “What Are You Asking Me?” from THE VILLAGE

Music by James Newton Howard

3.) “Main Title” from DAVE

Music by James Newton Howard

4.) “Horn of Plenty” from THE HUNGER GAMES

Music by James Newton Howard

5.) “The Egg Travels” from DINOSAUR

Music by James Newton Howard

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