5-9-2012 All That Jazz

In 1952, an innovative composer by the name of Alex North rejected conventional methods of 50’s film scoring and paved the way for such composers as Elmer Bernstein, Henry Mancini, and Lalo Schifrin with his jazz-infused score for A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.  A landmark in film music history, it wasn’t long before Bernstein brought us the memorable themes for THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM and WALK ON THE WILD SIDE.  Thanks to these pioneers, Jazz is alive and well in film music today, with more recent offerings by John Williams for the flighty CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and Mark Isham’s evocative score for THE COOLER.  If you’re a jazz enthusiast or just a casual fan of the music from the movies, you’re sure to enjoy these tasty jams!


Music by Alex North

2.) Main theme from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM

Music by Elmer Bernstein

3.) Main theme from THE COOLER

Music by Mark Isham

4.) Main theme from CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

Music by John Williams

5.) Main Title from WALK ON THE WILD SIDE

Music by Elmer Bernstein

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